3 Reasons Why Impact Windows Are Essential for Homes in Ft. Myers, FL

Residents and visitors of Ft. Myers, FL, know that the idyllic days of sunshine and warm weather can suddenly turn into high winds, torrential rain, and blowing debris. For this reason, the Florida Building Code requires that windows in designated regions be protected by impact-resistant glass, plywood, or wooden shutters. Impact-resistant windows offer many benefits even if you do not live in a hurricane-designated area.


Impact-resistant windows withstand pressure from wind, water, and flying debris. A plastic-like film inserted between two panes of laminated glass creates a bond that keeps the glass intact when struck. The glass may crack upon impact, but the fragments adhere to the interlayer and remain within the frame. Strong frames help hold the glass in place. This barrier keeps water, wind, and debris from entering your building.

Impact windows are tested to determine how well they withstand air and water infiltration and wind load. After testing, they are certified and receive a Performance Grade Rating describing their performance under controlled conditions. Windows sold in Florida must be certified and meet stringent codes in some areas. The toughest meet Miami-Dade requirements.

Energy Efficiency and Protection From Solar Gain

The way impact-resistant windows are made improves energy efficiency. You may notice lower energy bills, increased indoor comfort, and improved functionality of your air conditioning system.

The National Fenestration Rating Council rates the energy performance of new windows. Although evaluation does not include impact resistance, they test the entire window for energy efficiency. Ratings include the solar heat gain coefficient that measures how well the window blocks solar radiation. Florida recommends an SHGC of 0.40 or less. Lower numbers mean better resistance.

Discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance

Insurance carriers in Florida must discount insurance premiums for homeowners who install qualifying windstorm protection features. To get a discount, a qualified inspector will evaluate the wind-resistant features of your home. Contact your insurance company for more information about what qualifies for discounts.

An impact window’s performance depends on the quality of the installation. Florida Windows and Doors Inc. is a PGT Innovations Diamond Partner, a designation that shows we care about our customers, offer top-quality products and adhere to the highest industry standards for service and workmanship. We install products from industry leaders, including PGT, WinDoor, CGI, and Eco Window Systems.

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